Leadership – Building Character

It is important in business to set the right example, just as it is in other areas of life. It is sometimes easier said than done, however. Especially when others we encounter set the wrong example. How we respond to these bad examples can be a testament to our character. Often people treat us poorly because of being treated poorly themselves. But we have a choice to react in the same tone, or we can choose to treat others the way we would like them to treat us.

In the moment, we may feel justified in reacting to the situation or circumstance before us. Personally I like to take a step back mentally to assess the situation and to decide on how I should respond. This is a method of self-regulation; when we control our behavior despite what is going on around us. Emotional intelligence is another method of controlling our behavior. Many times I have reacted by impulse instead of with control; only to regret having done so.

Practice controlling our reactions and behaviors. Instead think it through. It is far better to show our intelligence instead of acting out in a negative way. We never know who will see our actions and decide on our character. It may be a first impression of us by someone in our future.

Proofing my dissertation.

I have been working on my dissertation for the past two years. I thought I would be done by now. When I am writing, I am amazed at how many times I have to go back to the beginning to align my work. It will be totally worth it in the end because I will have my doctoral degree. It won’t matter to most people outside of myself, but it will matter to me.

The challenge of completing something so intensive is so satisfying. It is something I do for myself that allows me to help others. I used to get asked why I pursue my education. I love to learn! Simple as that. I have more choices in life because of learning.

I recommend lifelong learning. It keeps the mind sharp and comes in handy when you least expect it. Even learning something crafty. Really anything you choose to learn can be satisfying. It doesn’t need to be intense or even formal learning. Pick something you want to know better or new. Then do it!


Lessons in Ethical Leadership